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Totemic is the North American distributor for Big Hanna In-Vessel composters. Big Hanna In-Vessel Composters are simple to operate, provide mature compost and have been manufactured since 1991. These time tested composters are operating in more than 35 countries with an expected and proven lifespan of over 20 years with only routine and straightforward maintenance needed. Big Hanna Composters can compost all food waste including meat, fish, dairy products, garden waste and most compostable organic matter. Please peruse the Big Hanna ‘References’ and ‘News blog’ on the Big Hanna corporate website for more detailed information.

Treatment time within the Big Hanna composter is 6-10 weeks. This is important because we don’t rush the natural process with any chemical or biological additives. This natural process will create a mature compost that will not have any foul odors or unfinished food scraps which may attract vermin. The optimum composting conditions of temperature and oxygen is maintained by the proprietary system that periodically turns the treatment cylinder and operates a low volume fan. Heat is naturally produced during the process and is only added if the system is operated in freezing conditions. 

No chemical or biological additives are used – only sawdust, wood chips or pelletized sawdust. Because we keep the material inside the cylinder for the proper duration, the compost discharged is stable (not smelly) and does not need further aeration or turning. This is one reason why the Big Hanna is well suited for use in highly populated areas. The finished compost is automatically discharged into a bag or bin ready to be mixed with soil or placed in a maturation bay. The compost then can be used as a soil amendment, replacing the need for chemical or petroleum based fertilizer soil additives. 

Simple and practical Operation

It is simple and practical because the most unpleasant fraction of the waste stream – the food waste, is being dealt with hygienically on a daily basis. You simply empty the food waste into Big Hanna Composter every day. The operating system uses symbols for easy and straightforward operation, regardless of the spoken language used by the operator. Three password-protected user-levels prevents any unauthorized tampering or modifications of the operational settings once set by the factory. The machine can be monitored directly or connected to the internet where the temperature and setting can be monitored and adjusted remotely. Any necessary notifications can be sent by email or SMS. 

What about smell?

The wasted food is aerated as the air is pulled through the cylinder by a fan. Typically the air is vented away from the system to limit odors in the immediate area. In areas where this is not possible or minor odors would be problematic, a Hanna Biofilter can be added to treat any odors produced during the process. Manufactured in stainless steel the Hanna Biofilter is a simple, trouble free unit that can be located either inside or outside. Exhaust air including odors, steam and condensation are directed through the Biofilter where odors are neutralized through a layer of bark treated with enzymes. 

Temperature sensors

All models are equipped with temperature sensors inside the cylinder to measure temperature at a minimum of three locations including; initial, mid-stream and discharge areas. The temperature is displayed in real time on the touch screen and can also be accessed remotely if equipped with remote monitoring. The screen can access the most recent four weeks of information and a complete log file can be downloaded or emailed documenting the hourly temperatures since startup. 

Electricity consumption is very low

The cylinder is usually rotated just 1 minute per hour. The biological process generates a temperature of 130-150ºF inside the vessel so it is very unlikely to require additional energy for heat, even if the machine is installed outdoors. If the temperature between the hood and cylinder drops below freezing a heater will preheat the air before it enters the cylinder to maintain the process.

Big Hanna has decades of experience working with a wide variety of customers in all types of climates and all types of public settings. We have vast experience from our many installations to ensure that the entire process, from food waste to compost, works seamlessly. Please reach out to Totemic and we will be happy to provide full specifications on the 10 models readily available.

  • Big Hanna composter
  • Mansfield Correctional Institution, Ohio, USA
  • Big Hanna composter
  • Ross Correctional Institution, Ohio, USA
  • Big Hanna composter
  • Noble Correctional Institution, Caldwell, Ohio, USA

Akron Zoo’s film about how they use their composter

Sep 8, 2020

The Big Hanna composter has been operating for several years at the Akron Zoo in Akron, Ohio. The Akron Zoo produced a film about how they use their Big Hanna composter which can be viewed through this link.

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